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21 январь 2019

The protagonist of the story is a senior student of Rinin Academy. This is the only Academy of the mountain town of Rinin. He is also the President of the Council and in narrow circles is known as the head of the "gang rap club". Many thousands of years ago, a secret dark ceremony was held in the old town of Rinin to protect the region from disease, crop failure and war, as a curse of the guardian deity of the territory of Hime Ivanaga. This lewd action was conducted at night during the new moon - the girl victim was masked by Konohagakure and pumped potent herbs. To the anger of Iwanaga Hime was soothing - each of the participating men should take part in a staged gang rape of a girl victim and each of
these men must, one way or another, be connected by blood with this girl. It must be his mother or daughter or wife or older sister in General, but no matter how, it should be his blood relative and at the end of the ritual the girl should get pregnant. After the ritual if she fertilizes the wrath of Yanagi was utalelse and the city again became safe and fertile. Now this depraved ritual is carried out by our protagonist in his club group rape

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    1ep. 11min.
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    Vn Game
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    GameRip, Big tits, Oral sex, Paizuri, Creampie, Double penetration, Anal sex
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