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Mama o Ahegao ni Shite Ageru
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Mama o Ahegao ni Shite Ageru

ママをアヘ顔にしてあげる! ~母親アヘ顔腹ボテ出産~
21 март 2019

This video is a gameplay video game "Mamao Ahegao ni Shite Ageru" from the Studio Erojishi Game, released in June 2009.

One day Shaw-kun saw his stepmother Mio-San hard masturbating on his bed and this action shocked him so much that soon he decided to make her his sex toy. He simply could not hold back his accumulated lust any longer, and Mio-San herself had long suffered without sex with her new husband and therefore did not mind when the young man attacked her. Now when they confessed to each other in their depraved feelings, nothing could make them stop and lustful couple was "fried" round the clock until Mio-San got pregnant...

  • Year:
  • Time:
    1ep. 7min.
  • Source:
  • Genre:
    GameRip, Incest, Masturbation, Big tits, Ahegao, Oral sex, BDSM, Pregnant
  • Translate:
  • Director:
    Erojishi Gumi
  • Studio:
    Erojishi Gumi
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