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[HMV] Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission
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[HMV] Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission

Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission
31 октябрь 2019

"Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission" is a fritupley game for IOS and Android devices, as well as for PC browsers, released by Nitroplus and DMM based on the novel "Tokyo Necro" in 2018.

2199, icy Tokyo. A few months after the events of the original novel.
After losing their leader Milgram necromancers temporarily fell into decline, however, due to the group of necromancers "Suicide Wannabes", claimed the resurrection of Milgram, the number of incidents began to increase again. And means on scene goes a special the team on destruction survivors dead "Livingdad stalkers" and their new fighters in the number of which includes new the main heroes Yamanashi IPPA and Abiru Rabi. It would seem that a simple mission to destroy the dead will eventually develop into a suicide mission on which the fate of Tokyo will depend.

  • Year:
    2019 Year.
  • Time:
    1ep. 5min.
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17 253
-12 40
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