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Onii-chan Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite!
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Onii-chan Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite!

13 ноябрь 2019

Studio Mary Jane announced anime hentai adaptation of the visual novel " Onii-chan Asa made Zutto Goutte Shine!"from" Tinkle Position", which was released in 2018. Hentai is scheduled for February 2020.

The main character from early childhood suffered from severe asthma and his four younger sisters-Sarah, Akane, Kohaku and Sumi took turns every day to sleep with him to monitor his condition. Years passed and our heroes became quite adults, but the daily ritual remained. Every day one of the sisters stayed with him overnight. Parents were very concerned about the condition of his son and decided to apply a modern method of treatment of all diseases- "hugs". Now each of the sisters not only just sleeps next to her brother, but also hugs him in his sleep and even sometimes Fucks with him to increase the therapeutic effect as much as possible...

  • Year:
    2020 Year.
  • Time:
    1ep. 25min.
  • Source:
    Vn Game
  • Genre:
    Big tits, Oral sex
  • Translate:
  • Director:
  • Studio:
    Mary Jane
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