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Ane Yome Quartet

Ane Yome Quartet

Ane Yome Quartet

Ane Yome Quartet

28 август 2016

The Hanabishi family and Hidaka family are across the street neighbors.

The fathers of both households could be called good friends, so they all get along like one big happy family. Specifically, Hidaka family%u2019s only son Kouki grew up lovingly by the four Hanabishi sisters like he was their particular brother.

Some day, the Hanabishi and Hidaka parents were preparing for an extended term overseas business travel together. Kantaro Hanabishi had only one problem holding him back from the trip leaving his four daughters behind in Japan.

%u201CLeave it to me. You can be confident me to watch over them!Percentu201D

Because of Kouki%u2019s casual announcement, both mom and dad happily departed on their trip.

%u201COoh, how reliable! That was some tips i was waiting to hear!%u201D

Between each the fogeys, that they had arranged for one of the four sisters to become Kouki's fiance.

After Kouki's graduation they'd continue discussion than it further, however, this recent event gave a chance to accelerate their plan.

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